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Body Matters is Jill’s yoga business in Shropshire. Having been practicing yoga for the last 14 years and teaching it for 9 years, Jill is very experienced and respected in the world of yoga. As well as yoga, Jill is also a qualified Pilates and Somatics teacher.


Jill has experience in many different forms of yoga but likes to teach an eclectic style, drawing inspiration from many different sources. Her teaching places considerable emphasis on good anatomical alignment ensuring that students are safe in their practice. At the same time she emphasizes the use of breath in posture allowing her students to work in a meditative fashion connecting with subtle aspects of themselves. She teaches with humour and laughter and is committed to ensuring that her students work at a level that is appropriate for their individual needs, be they physical or subtle? in nature.


Jill Wallbank


"Jill is a very positive, happy and enthusiastic yoga teacher. She introduced me to Ashtanga yoga in 2011. I have found her excellent at coaching and correcting my techniques. She has also encouraged me when I am ready to try the next level, which I love. Each session she checks out what my body needs most, this makes for a tailor made class, which i really appreciate. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and positive happy approach make her a great teacher."

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