An Introduction to Somatics

Life is hectic. We all have so much to do and think about that the pressure and stress involved can take its toll on both our physical and mental health. Taking care of ourselves is as important as eating healthily – and a local practitioner is taking a holistic approach to self-care that balances body and mind to deliver a feeling of calm awareness and positivity.


Jill Wallbank of Body Matters works with individuals at her lovely Much Wenlock studio to fi nd the route that works best for each person; her practice provides remedial massage, Yoga and Pilates, along with Somatics – a safe, fast and profound way to release muscle tension by retraining the nervous system and recalibrating the ‘soma’ – or body-mind. Jill is currently one of only a handful of qualified Somatic exercise coaches in the country and the only one in Shropshire. Somatics brings together modern neuroscience and ancient yogic wisdom to enable the unconscious mind to allow muscles to fully relax, and has been described as the missing link between Yoga and Pilates. Somatics has proved particularly beneficial for those with long-term back pain.


As Jill explains, “The effects of the combination of these practices is profound and affects each client differently. I love the way this truly holistic approach has such a long-lasting effect on the people with whom I work; it begins almost immediately, and you can genuinely see the body and mind beginning to relax.”


Jill has 25 years’ experience in practical exercise, along with an impressive portfolio of professional accreditation and certifi cation; she teaches an eclectic style, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources. Her teaching places emphasis on good anatomical alignment, with the physical integrity of each client central to her practice. Jill also emphasises the crucial role of breath and mindfulness in postures, which enables her students to work in a meditative fashion that opens their minds to their own physical and mental presence.


However, it’s not all intensive theory at Body Matters. As Jill says, “Humour is a crucial part of my practice, and I work in a lighthearted way with my clients – our practice is always positive, always enriching…


“My massage treatments and classes are benefi cial to absolutely everyone, whatever your age, fl exibility, ability or experience. Yoga, Pilates and Somatics can help weight management and relieve the symptoms of stress and insomnia while increasing core strength, toning and fl exibility. A course of treatments or classes will also help injury rehabilitation, maintain mjoint mobility and help with arthritis symptoms and pain management.”


As well as welcoming one-to-one and massage clients at her calming studio with its views over the tranquil Shropshire countryside, Jill also leads classes at Wenlock Priory Hall and other venues locally.


Jill adds, “By investing in your wellbeing now, you’re taking preventative measures for your future wellbeing.”


You can contact Jill
on 07813 055145

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